About Us

Our goal at Solutions Wealth Management is to find comprehensive financial solutions for each client. As an independent financial services firm, we have structured our business on the principle that our clients’ needs always come first. Our relationship with LPL, one of our nation’s leading financial services companies, allows us to create plans without proprietary obligations that could limit our strategic options. While maintaining a strategic balance of potential growth and risk, we pursue our clients’ success.

We offer comprehensive wealth planning and investment management services to small business owners, families and individuals. Our advisors are uniquely qualified to serve those who are going through significant life transitions brought on by divorce or the death of a spouse.

Established in 2005, our firm offers a strong foundation for integrating life planning with financial planning. As Financial Life Planners, we understand that creating a plan for a fulfilled life starts with identifying core values and priorities. With this perspective as our base, we develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns your values and life goals with your finances.

Located in San Jose, California, Solutions Wealth Management has grown to serve clients in 21 states. Our Certified Financial Planner and Advisors have decades of experience in the financial industry. Through the calm and turbulent financial fluctuations over the years, our commitment and dedication to our clients has remained solid.