Jonathan Barr

Jonathan Barr

Wealth Manager

Jonathan was born in a small town outside of Boston. His family was in the flower business which was relocated to central coast of California in 1964. He attended a small high school in Santa Cruz where he met his future bride. Jon always knew that growing up in Monterey Bay was a great life. He started a farming business in his sophomore year of high school which eventually led to farming in California, Central and Baja Mexico. While farming in these different areas, he took time to marry his high school sweetheart and have two children. This allowed the four of them to live in Central Mexico for about two years. After that time, they moved back to California to start what is today, the largest family owned organic vegetable farm in the United States.

While Jon had always enjoyed farming, the stock market was calling him. For years he spent time researching and charting various investments, looking at economic influences and studying what drove the performances or lack of performance in various stocks. This eventually led him to a career change. He watches and enjoys listening to CNBC and Bloomberg, which is his idea of a time well spent.

Jon obtained his securities licenses and began his career in the financial industry in 1999, always working on the independent side of Wall Street. He currently has clients all over the United States which he provides advice and guidance to. He has found that working with divorcing couples is one of my strengths, providing clarity to what can be a confusing subject and time for so many.

In his free time he enjoys spoiling his grandchildren, golfing at one of the many course options in California, and cooking dinner for family and friends.