Justin Wright

Justin Wright

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Justin graduated from San Jose State University in 1995 while competing on the nationally ranked men's golf team.  After college he competed professionally on various golf tours while also working with his father in the life insurance industry. After spending some time trying to follow his passion of competing in golf, he decided it wasn't for him and he began to follow his other passion of helping people in the financial arena. 

He looks forward to connecting with families, business owners and executives to help them design plans that work towards their goals and objectives. Listening to what their needs are and developing conversation on how to aim to accomplish their goals is one of his strengths. He specializes in the retirement plan area, assisting plan sponsors with considering plan design options to address their needs while they work toward addressing compliance and ERISA guidelines. He also assists plan sponsors as they negotiate fee structures that aim to be competitive and offers plan participants the education that they need.

His approach is to develop a relationship with his clients that will last a lifetime. He works collaboratively with each client to help them create a roadmap to retirement and beyond. Communication is such an important part of this equation and he looks forward to supporting  clients as they work towards the goal as a team.  If you would like to have your plan reviewed or see what other options that are out there might benefit you or your business, he would be happy to assist down this path.

Justin is married and has a son. He enjoys spending time teaching others golfing tips and being on the course as well.