Valerie  Harrison

Valerie Harrison

Investment Executive

Detroit, Michigan was a beautiful city on the shores of the Detroit River when those in Valerie Harrison’s generation were born there.  Her family relocated to the east coast of Florida in the mid 50’s where she attended the University of Florida. In 1974, Valerie, her former husband and their four children established a home in the beautiful state of California.  In 2010 Valerie’s home would become the even more beautiful city of Santa Barbara.

Education policy, public service and government participation have been Val’s focus for many years.  From Rainbow Girls to Le Leche League, from League of Women Voters to serving on the boards and directing Cupertino Union School District, the Santa Clara County Board of Education and Elmwood College of Criminal Justice.  As she sees it, finding a way to increase the competency of local school board members throughout our country could prove a major force in improving our children’s education. Serving schools is Valerie’s personal mission.

Locally, Val is active with the Auxiliary of the Music Academy of the West and a member of the Maritime Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Santa Barbara Art Museum.  Beginning her long financial management career with Transamerica, Washington National and Great Western Financial Securities, before joining LPL and Solutions Wealth Management.

Many of Val’s clients are focused on retirement and giving back to the causes they believe in through charitable giving. With trust and integrity being at the top of  priorities, Val is able to work towards pursing the goals of her clients.